You can book me as an interpreter for any occasion when some participants speak a different language but everyone still needs to easily communicate. Examples include trade fairs, conferences, meetings, events, legal proceedings, market research studies and business trips inside or outside Germany.

You can hire me to interpret in Berlin, across Germany and worldwide – for Portuguese, Spanish, English and German.

Working closely with you, together we’ll decide what type of interpretation is most suitable to your needs:

  • Consecutive Interpreting

With this type of interpreting, the interpreter speaks after the source-language speaker, often using notes taken as the speaker progresses through their message. The speaker and the interpreter therefore take turns speaking during the course of the message.

  • Liaison interpreting

This special type of consecutive interpreting involves interpreting each conversation partner’s words into the languages of the other conversation partners after they have been spoken. The interpreter takes on shorter chunks of conversation than in consecutive interpreting. This type of interpreting is very well suited for negotiations.

  • Simultaneous interpreting

In this type of interpreting, utterances are interpreted almost immediately after they are spoken. It requires an interpreter’s full attention and intense concentration. For this reason, simultaneous interpreters usually work in teams of two, alternating their interpretation roles in order to maintain their energy levels. They usually sit in a soundproof booth and speak into a microphone, while participants listen in via earphones.

  • Whispered interpreting

In this special form of simultaneous interpreting, the interpreter sits or stands very near to the person who requires interpretation and softly speaks directly into the ear of that person.

  • Community Interpreting

This type of interpreting occurs in social, medical and public sector contexts.

The second pillar of my work is producing high-quality translations and providing related services. My translation-related services include:

  • Specialised translations.

I translate legal documents, business documents, technical documentation, academic and scientific texts, marketing materials, manuals, websites, regulatory documentation and much more.

  • Certified translations.

As a licensed Portuguese and Spanish translator for the courts and notaries of Berlin, I also produce certified translations of your certificates, diplomas, testimonials, employment certificates, marriage documents, etc.

  • Translations for the media industry.

You can book me for subtitling, transcriptions or script translations of films, series, news coverage and so on. I would also be happy to assist you with reviewing and editing your foreign language film material.

  • Localization

I can localise your documents so that your target audience perceives them as you intend, as if they were written by a native speaker in the first place. Localisation involves taking a document that was written in a language for a specific cultural environment, converting it into another language and, in the process, adapting it to the cultural environment of the location for which it is intended.

You’ve written or translated a document yourself or have contracted someone else to do it and now you want a third party to check it for you? I would be happy to do this for you—checking the idioms, style, grammar, consistency, terminology, spelling, punctuation, and, upon request, even the layout.

The post-editing of machine translations (MTPE) is also part of my range of services. In this process, machine translations are edited to produce a fluent, idiomatic and professional text.

It’s important for me to do a final check of my own translations, so I make this an integral part of my translation process. Whenever time allows, I let the translation “sit” for several hours or overnight so I can get some distance before giving it one last close review. I include this time in the delivery deadline I give you.

  • EU topics & politics: reports, studies, amendments, petitions, opinions, ordinances, directives and much more for the Institutions of the European Union, among others
  • Law: contracts of various kinds, declarations of intent, general terms and conditions, cooperation agreements, excerpts from the commercial register, statutes, powers of attorney, non-disclosure agreements, etc.
  • Market research: studies on topics such as diabetes, politics, contraceptives, mobile phones, social media, television programmes, computer games, etc.
  • Pharmacy and medical technology: audits (GMP, GLP, GCP, e.g. ANVISA, INFARMED, FDA, AEMPS etc.), contrast media, oncology drugs, contraceptives, regulatory affairs, patient information sheets (PiL), summary of product characteristis (SPC), regulatory documentation, marketing materials, prosthetics, orthotics, and much more
  • Media: subtitling, interview interpreting, voice-over, script translation, transcription, reviewing foreign language film material, editing assistance, etc.)
  • Business/Marketing: financial statements, expressions of interest, invitations to tender, websites, marketing materials, corporate communication, project plans, etc.
  • Linguistics: multilingualism, language contact, intercomprehension, language acquisition, language teaching, etc.